Kokorogawari Opening song information:

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Kokorogawari OST:

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1. [OP] Yasuraka na Hibiki
2. Matsubayashi Asami’s theme ~Kokorogawari~
3. ~Kokorogawari~ When her heart floated away
4. Tick of time
5. Koga’s Shinichi’s theme
6. Something’s brewing
7. Let’s go to town
8. Guillam Matisse’s theme
9. NOW You’ve done it
10. Open House festive
11. Bound of few
12. Takahara Yuuya’s theme
13. Old Wounds
14. It’s a little awkward
15. We could all do with a break
16. A slip beyond her
17. The end of the day
18. Love, a little sweeter
19. Flood of emotions
20. Warm memories
21. Coffee, cake and chitchat
22. ~Change of heart~ Piano ver. (Bonus track)

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Ming Yan
Ryan Camus