Addressing the confusion

Dear readers and supporters of Kokorogawari,

It seems that there has been some confusion regarding the recent update that we posted on Kickstarter.

We are now unable to provide a proper release date, but are aiming to finish all main artwork by mid August, and all scripts (all routes, before editing) by September. This will push back our release date to, very possibly, late November or December.

We are sincerely apologetic for the delays, but please rest assured that we are committed to creating a great game, and are trying very hard to finish up a product that both the team and all of you backers would love.

There has been some confusion that the update means that no work has been done for a while, or that we have gone on an indefinite hiatus. This is untrue, because the team has been completing work every month without fail, except at a slower rate due to weddings, work, hospitalisation and examinations.

Even though we have been slower than our intended schedule, this does not mean that we are dropping out of production. Most work in the monthly schedule is still completed, but not at a 100% rate, which is what we apologising for. We wanted to be transparent so backers can track our progress, rather than us going quiet and not being honest about the rate of production.

As stated in our Kickstarter update, we are hoping for a December release, which we are all working hard on. We are very apologetic that we are unable to release the game any faster, but please understand that we are juggling the production of a game with real life work, which does not allow us to commit 100% of our hours to the game. Despite that, we have been working very hard, and we hope that we can have your continued support.

We would like to request all of you to not ask for refunds and please to wait patiently for the release of the game. This is because we have already paid the artists and musicians, and we are unable to find the money to issue you refunds. Another reason is also because If we were to issue refunds whenever someone asks for it, it would result in us stopping production entirely due to lack of funds, which is something we don’t want to do. This game is fan-funded, and we believe that we have been very transparent in our progress updates, so we would like your continuous support.

We apologise if the update has caused unease, or suggested that Team Precatio will not be continuing the production. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any member of the team about it.


Steam greenlight launch

Hi everyone!

Thank you for supporting Kokorogawari thus far. As we aim towards the completion of the game, please continue to follow updates!

In the meantime, we have finally launched a Greenlight campaign to get us onto the Steam store! While we originally planned to do this much later, Valve’s announcement of replacing Steam has made us push forward our plans.

Therefore, please vote for us on Steam Greenlight and help us get the game onto the Steam store! ❤

Many thanks to all who have been supporting us, and we at Team Precatio wishes everyone a very happy Easter weekend!

Steam Greenlight coming soon!

Hello, everyone!

Now that we’ve progressed even further with Kokorogawari’s development and are closer to our goal release period, we’re excited to announce that…

We’ll be launching Kokorogawari’s Steam Greenlight campaign very soon!
We at Team Precatio are currently working through the processes required to get Kokorogawari onto Steam Greenlight. Our aim is to launch the Greenlight campaign towards the end of this month.

As soon as we’ve been approved, we’ll update you all again and provide links to our campaign so that you can vote for us to get selected by Valve, plus help spread the word about Kokorogawari and its Greenlight campaign!

Due to the uncertainties surrounding Valve’s upcoming shift to Steam Direct from Steam Greenlight, we’ve decided to prepare and launch our campaign earlier than initially planned. All of our Kokorogawari Steam release plans have been made much earlier than the Steam Direct announcement and we want to make absolutely sure that you will not miss out on a Steam release because of unforeseen setbacks that could result from the eventual Greenlight to Direct transition.

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Kickstarter VS preorders

Hello all!

We hope that you enjoyed our Chapter 2 trial!

With the release of another trial and our Kickstarter now concluded, we’ve thought about how this may generate interest in preordering Kokorogawari. Currently, our only other method of purchasing Kokorogawari is via our store page.

Moreover, we want to make sure that everyone who has decided to purchase Kokorogawari through or already has- will know exactly what to expect. We’ve updated our “Purchase” page to include instructions and a quick list of what our two editions- the Standard and Deluxe respectively- have on offer, but today we’d like to go into a lot more detail. This will also include discussing the similarities/differences between the editions with certain Kickstarter tiers.

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Demo 2 has been released!

Hello everyone!

We are sorry for the delay… Demo 2 has now been released!

Please head over to to download it and let us know what you think 😉

Chapter 2 covers the introduction of Takahara Yuuya and Guillam Matisse, and you will get to see how our heroine Matsubayashi Asami interacts with, and forms her opinions on the other love interests in the story. For those of you who felt that Asami was rather cold to Shinichi in Chapter 1, play chapter 2 and tell us what you think about her with the other guys!

We hope you enjoy the new main menu theme and upgraded GUI! 🙂

For those who have played Chapter 1 and would like to go straight to Chapter 2, please download Chapter 2 only for your respective PC software!


Kickstarter Campaign successful!

Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you all so very much! Without your support and encouragement, we wouldn’t have been able to come this far and succeed with our Kickstarter campaign by such a large margin. Honestly, we’re so moved by how quickly and enthusiastically you all not only backed our campaign, but also helped spread the word about it!

It’s been about 3 weeks since the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign. Within the third week (23rd~29th January), we’ve been able to calculate our final funding amount received as payments got processed and Kickstarter fees were then allocated accordingly.

We’ve already posted two Kickstarter updates on the 23rd and 25th of January detailing a few pieces of important information regarding this, but for our blog update, we’ve decided to blend the content of these two updates into a single post!

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