Steam Keys sent! What’s next??


Kokorogawari has been out for 3 days now!

Backers/itch preorders should have received a Steam key and a link to a set of instructions on how to redeem the code in case you are new to Steam. We hope you’re excited to play the game! Please also leave a review on our Steam page / your blogs/tumblrs or even Tweet to us! We would be very happy to hear your thoughts! 🙂

So, what’s next? What about our other rewards? What about Guillam?? We’re sure that many would have these questions, so do let us answer them here! Continue reading



After a 2 week delay due to the Steam storefront approval process, we finally have our storefront! 😀 This means that we can now send Steam keys to everyone! (Hurray!)

You can view the page here!

The official release date for Kokorogawari on Steam will be 31st August 9pm SGT (We will start sending out Steam keys during this timing) so please check your message inboxes on Kickstarter and your emails! (for buyers) 🙂

We hope that everyone is super, super excited to finally play the game! It has been 2.5 years of hardwork and we really want to say a huge THANK YOU to all backers for making this dream come true. While we still have Guillam’s story to work on, we are very proud of what we have achieved for Kokorogawari (the endless bug fixing, the 750 pages of script that we poured through over and over again, the art fixes, the extra sprites, CG, music, tears……..).

We will be doing final checks and sending out Steam keys to all our Kickstarter backers by the date and time stated above so please look forward to playing Kokorogawari very, very soon! (Packages with Short Stories, quiz game and soundtrack are being prepared, so please give us a few more days after the release of the game build to get everything together.)



Please check out our next update on the planned releases of the extra knick-knacks that you paid for along with the game build!

Cheers to us all!

Naked season Twitter campaign!

Naked season Twitter campaign! (5 October ~ 20 October)

Kokorogawari has turned 1 month on Steam! Since KKG is a game about art, what better way than to celebrate this by collaborating with artists? We have invited artists Brilcrist and Bayou to showcase half naked fanart of Kokorogawari characters and even one new character who appeared in our Deluxe story, so do take note of the dates and join in the fun! 😉

Here’s our goals in order to have them show us gorgeous half-naked boys! 

RT and like the tweet we would post about our storefront.
(Please follow us on Twitter @precatio_vn if you haven’t!)

150 Retweets and likes: Sechiruu’s Fanart (1 Chara – half naked – Yuuya)
500 Retweets and likes: Brilcrist’s Fanart (1 Chara – half naked – Guillam)
700 Retweets and likes: Brilcrists’s Fanart (2 Charas – half naked)
1000 RT and Follows: Bayou’s Artwork of Tanizaki Haruto!
2000 RT and Follows: Sechiruu’s Fashion parade!
3000 RT and Follows: Bril x Bayou collab piece

We only have 2 weeks to do this campaign, so RT and follow! 😀 All artwork will be revealed at the end of the campaign if we hit our goals!

*IMPORTANT* – On Bug Reports!

Dear readers of Kokorogawari,

This is Precatio’s programmer Haru!

First, thank you for playing Kokorogawari, it’s a game that means a lot to us and we really hope you’ll to enjoy it!

We did a lot of testing before we released the game, but alas software will never be bug-free… So if you find any bugs, be it game-breaking or minor things, please let us know because we’ll gladly work hard at fixing them! Continue reading

Final update before our release…!

Hello everyone! We are so excited to finally be releasing Kokorogawari!

It has taken us 2.5 years from the start of the script writing to this point due to various development and manpower issues, but we are finally, finally, finally here…! /Hyperventilates

Although Guillam’s route is still TBD, please be rest assured that our new writer is working on it with Jyuu, and we will try to have his route released by the end of this year.

As of now, we have the build ready, so while we are still hoping that we will make the release date, it appears that we are able to hit the date, as we still have to wait for Valve to ‘approve’ our beta build before we can officially release it.  ): Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Hello dear readers!

We hope you had a smashing new year!

Team Precatio is extremely apologetic for the lack of updates… We had been trying very hard to see if we could finish coding and bug testing even one complete route by the end of December 2017, but we unfortunately didn’t make it…

We understand that we previously mentioned a late November~December release, but with such a huge project, we were unable to finish it. Therefore, please accept our very, very sincere apologies and have us update you on our current progress and the next possible release date.  Continue reading

Addressing the confusion

Dear readers and supporters of Kokorogawari,

It seems that there has been some confusion regarding the recent update that we posted on Kickstarter.

We are now unable to provide a proper release date, but are aiming to finish all main artwork by mid August, and all scripts (all routes, before editing) by September. This will push back our release date to, very possibly, late November or December.

We are sincerely apologetic for the delays, but please rest assured that we are committed to creating a great game, and are trying very hard to finish up a product that both the team and all of you backers would love.

There has been some confusion that the update means that no work has been done for a while, or that we have gone on an indefinite hiatus. This is untrue, because the team has been completing work every month without fail, except at a slower rate due to weddings, work, hospitalisation and examinations.

Even though we have been slower than our intended schedule, this does not mean that we are dropping out of production. Most work in the monthly schedule is still completed, but not at a 100% rate, which is what we apologising for. We wanted to be transparent so backers can track our progress, rather than us going quiet and not being honest about the rate of production.

As stated in our Kickstarter update, we are hoping for a December release, which we are all working hard on. We are very apologetic that we are unable to release the game any faster, but please understand that we are juggling the production of a game with real life work, which does not allow us to commit 100% of our hours to the game. Despite that, we have been working very hard, and we hope that we can have your continued support.

We would like to request all of you to not ask for refunds and please to wait patiently for the release of the game. This is because we have already paid the artists and musicians, and we are unable to find the money to issue you refunds. Another reason is also because If we were to issue refunds whenever someone asks for it, it would result in us stopping production entirely due to lack of funds, which is something we don’t want to do. This game is fan-funded, and we believe that we have been very transparent in our progress updates, so we would like your continuous support.

We apologise if the update has caused unease, or suggested that Team Precatio will not be continuing the production. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any member of the team about it.